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Ecomation Systems and Design



We are all aware of the need to reduce our energy consumption, water consumption and our carbon footprints.

If you are building, renovating or updating your system - you can utilise Home Automation to achieve all three of these goals.

Using Home Automation to achieve Ecological goals is known as Ecomation and here are the steps involved:

Choose your Ecomation Functions
Select functions such as Auto load Timers, HVAC Setbacks or Smart Kills that look at a homes occupancy over a period of time to shut off loads. Click here for a list of the most popular ecomation functions.

Select an Ecomation System
Select a system that will provide all the ecomation functionality you are looking for.  Use this chart to select the right ecomation control system.  Systems range widely in price and functionality - from simple timers to hardwired automation controllers.

Design your Ecomation System
Click here for tips on designing your ecomation system.  This section tells you how to mark up a plan and lay out a schematic of your system

Click here to view the most popular ecomation functions. 



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